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Ultras Italy

Hello. Now I present you with a few strongest supporter groups in Italy

Juventus Ultras- Curva Sud ( Juventus F.C. )

The largest ultras group in Italy, Juventus fans. About one-third of Italy, cheer for Juventus.
 It is estimated that cheer for Juventus 180 million (43 million in Europe),
also are popular among Southern Italy,Sicily and Malta.
In 1976 the first two real organizated Ultras groups were founded,
Fossa dei Campioni and Panthers.The best-known groups:
Viking Juve, Arditi, Nucleo 1985, Section 06, Noi Soli,
 Gruppo Marche1993 (also knowns as GM),
Brussels Bianconera (composed by supporters from Belgium and Luxemburg),
Gruppo Homer (also knowns as GH),
 Assiduo sostegno Bravi Ragazzi and(composed by former members
rivalries: Torino (  Derby della Mole ), Inter, Milan, Roma, Fiorentina. 

Boys San -Curva Nord Milano 1969 ( F.C. Inter)

Other strong sub groups: Viking, Irriducibili, Ultras, and Brianza Alcoolica Inter fans, mostly originating from the rich class, unlike their city rivals. One of the three largest groups in Italy. They belong to right-wing organization. Founded a year after the founding supporters of Milan.

rivalries:Milan, Roma, Juventus, Atalanta, Napoli

Fossa dei Leoni –  Brigate Rossonere ( A.C. Milan )

Fans A.C. Milan are one of the largest group in Italy. Formed in 1968 under the name of Fossa dei Leoni. Although they did not have any major political failure, according to the Italian left. The biggest rivals in the famous Derby della Madonna are fans of Inter.

rivalries: Inter, Genoa

Commando Ultrà Curva Sud Roma 1977 ( A.S. Roma )

The fifth largest supporting group with about 6% of Italians. As we said, and the Lazio fans, derby of Rome, is one of the bloodiest and most emotional of football matches in Europe.

rivalries: Lazio, Milan, Inter, Juventus

Scontri Ultras Napoli ( S.S.C. Napoli )

About 10% of Italy, Napoli followed, the fourth group in Italy. Scontro brutal!

rivalries: Roma, Lazio, Verona, Inter

Irriducibili Lazio 1987 (S.S. Lazio) :

For twenty years of existence, held at the high voice. One of the biggest ultras group of Italy.Recognizable by fascist excesses.The most famous clashes with their city rivals in Rome, fans of AS Rome (Commando UltraCurva Sud)

rivalries: Roma, Napoli, Livorno.

Genoa Ultras (Genoa C.F.C.)

Have a great rivalry with Sampdoria fans

Ultras Udinese ( Udinese Calcio )

Bologna F.C. 1909

Parma F.C.

Parma fans are composed of three major groups:
-il Centro di Parma Club dei Coordinamento
– L’Associazione Petitot and the club’s ultras and
Boys Parma,
Formed by 3 August 1977th

ACF Fiorentina


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