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Sevilla fans placed pictures on the jersey of the club!

Sevilla Football Club has found a perfect way to actively involve their fans in the club, and at the same time and make some money.

In fact, fans of the club in the future will have a chance to rent a place for your photo to theSpanish club’s jersey.
Place on the jersey for small photos, size 2×2 millimeter (yes, millimeters) will be sold at a price of 9.24 euros for that figure to all the fans get a chance to find their face on the jersey of Seville.
Although the proportion of very small images, and quite expensive (at least by our standards), Seville was announced with great pride that the phenomenal feedback that are enthusiasticnaijača welcomed with open arms the idea.
How will the exact number of 3142 frames to stand within a certain number on the back of the shirt, each figure carries a potential value of 75,000 euros.
Fantastic idea to combine beautiful and useful and innovative ways of fans izmuze a littlemoney.
Primer will soon go Seville Granada and Wales Rugby team, but given the potential of this idea,soon to expect a mountain of new stakeholders.

source: sportske.net


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