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Rusian hool!!!


Polish fans beat the Russians and the English in Lodz

Многи учесници ЕП, као и органи реда са разлогом страхују од могућих хулиганских испада у Пољској и Украјини.

For now, the incidents were seen in only one of the two countries organized by EURO in Poland. First Thursday group of racist-minded fans insulting dark-skinned players team Netherlands, the training of Krakow, to a few hours before the EP seen serious outage fans. Several dozen supporters of Poland, burst into a cafe in Lodz and attacked each of whom were heard to speak English or Russian. Polish police have not said how many protesters arrested, nor the severity of injuries the Russians and the British were beaten. For now, there were no incidents in Ukraine, co-organizer of the continental championship.

Tifo Zurnal

Violence in Argentina….. AGAIN!

One person was seriously injured in the riots that erupted when a 21-year-old fan was killed in the conflict of two contending factions hooligan gangs.

The media in Argentina reported that the fan was killed last night before the duel betweenLanus and Old Boys in the first division of the country.
Football-related violence has increased in recent months in Argentina since thebeginning of the year five people died in conflicts around the stadium.


Ajax fans were preparing for a fight with Manchester United fans

Dutch police said they had arrested 76 fans for Ajax during the night “looking for confrontation”with Manchester United supporters before the match two teams in the Champions of Europe.

The statement said those arrested were possessed knives, brass boxers, pepperspray, andfound a large amount of narcotics.
Dutch police arrested 56 fans and Anderlecht, and then they returned to Belgium, because they also wanted to fight with United’s supporters.
Ajax welcomed the 19 hours Red Devils in the first leg of the Europa League final sixteenth.

“Fire” supporters of Indonesia

Hungry football success, supporters of Indonesia broke the stadium in an attempt to cheer their team against the selection of Malaysia.


Yet, disappointed as they failed to enter the stadium, many fans, who remained in front of Bung Karno Stadium, which seats 88,000 people, the revolt burned stadium ticket office said.
As the largest country in the region, Indonesia for years, but fails to achieve success on the international scene.
Having reached the regional finals of the tournament, a very large number of fans gathered tohis team vigorously.
In the first leg played in Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia team lost the match 3-0 after numerouscomplaints at the expense of local fans who interfere with players lasers and loud shouts from the stands.
Sharpened for revenge and disappointed that they failed to enter the court, fans of local teams are now razbucali ticket office at the stadium and at the end and made ​​a fire for a short timedispersed thousands of supporters gathered.
In the end, the police intervened and prevented the escalation of violence in front of Bung KarnoStadium.


New Rampage fans in Germany!!!

Germans boast visits to stadiums across the country, but lately more and more frequent conflicts fans destroying the idyllic picture. Eight police officers and a large number of fans were injured in the calculation of the fans and the police before the German Cup match between Eintracht Frankfurt and Kaiserslautern, police said, as quoted by Beta.

Supporters of two clubs are big rivals, and their clash yesterday was also injured, but police have so far informed by accurate data.

Fan groups that have clashed with law enforcement, police officers were pelted with stones, bottles, firecrackers and other objects and the police responded with batons. Eight fans were arrested.