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Olympiakos and Zenit fined

Athens Olympiakos and Zenit St. Petersburg will play home matches knockout stages of the Champions League before the partially enclosed stands for racist behavior by its fans, the European Football Union (UEFA).
Greek club will have to close the bottom of the north stand their ground in the game against Manchester United on 25 February , and is also banned and fined 30,000 euros.
UEFA said that Olympiakos is sanctioned for racist behavior by their supporters , fireworks , laser applications and poor match of the group stage of the competition against Anderlecht , 10 December.
Zenit will match against Borussia Dortmund , also 25 February , will have to close part of the stands on which are usually placed his extremist supporters because of incidents during the match with the team of Austria in Vienna, where he was defeated 4-1 .
UEFA confirmed that the Russian team punished for ‘ racist behavior of fans , or the expiration of banned banners, throwing firecrackers and disorderly . “


Violence in Argentina….. AGAIN!

One person was seriously injured in the riots that erupted when a 21-year-old fan was killed in the conflict of two contending factions hooligan gangs.

The media in Argentina reported that the fan was killed last night before the duel betweenLanus and Old Boys in the first division of the country.
Football-related violence has increased in recent months in Argentina since thebeginning of the year five people died in conflicts around the stadium.


“Eurosport” presented by the Croatian national team with the Serbian flag!

Editorial site “Eurosport” This morning has made a big mistake by her Croatian fans probably will not soon forget.

They reported the team of our neighbors at the upcoming European Championships in Ukraine and Poland with a picture of the Serbian national team supporters with banners spread. Soon they began to arrive, comments, and even threatening content sent to site admins because they put the wrong tricolor. Of course, the editorial “Eurosport” is remove the aforementioned image and put a photo of Croatian players, so they started to arrive humorous comments as previous flag was convenient.

Tifo zurnal

Ajax fans were preparing for a fight with Manchester United fans

Dutch police said they had arrested 76 fans for Ajax during the night “looking for confrontation”with Manchester United supporters before the match two teams in the Champions of Europe.

The statement said those arrested were possessed knives, brass boxers, pepperspray, andfound a large amount of narcotics.
Dutch police arrested 56 fans and Anderlecht, and then they returned to Belgium, because they also wanted to fight with United’s supporters.
Ajax welcomed the 19 hours Red Devils in the first leg of the Europa League final sixteenth.


Feast on the streets of Naples and welcome players and fans who were at “El Madrigal”. Napoliis the final round of the night in which Vesuvius and trembling. Here, it seemed …

Insults to Luis Enrique

Roma fans waited for players after the defeat in Florence.

The target was dissatisfied tifoza up Luis Enrique, who was stoned to insults.

In fact, dissatisfaction with the defeat in Tuscany, but in general this season and it exploded last night.

Under heavy police escort, the team somehow got hold of the bus and went to Trigoriju, your training center.

No players are not spared from insults, only the captain Francesco Totti earned applause.

“I will not stay if you do not want me, I’m not here for money,” said Luis Enrique, just hours afterkonstatova that the club has full confidence in him.

Roman media speculate that the talk today about the fate of the Spanish coach and that hecould be given another chance. The problem is that Roma will host next Monday decimatedleaders, team Juventus.


source: sportske.net

Sevilla fans placed pictures on the jersey of the club!

Sevilla Football Club has found a perfect way to actively involve their fans in the club, and at the same time and make some money.

In fact, fans of the club in the future will have a chance to rent a place for your photo to theSpanish club’s jersey.
Place on the jersey for small photos, size 2×2 millimeter (yes, millimeters) will be sold at a price of 9.24 euros for that figure to all the fans get a chance to find their face on the jersey of Seville.
Although the proportion of very small images, and quite expensive (at least by our standards), Seville was announced with great pride that the phenomenal feedback that are enthusiasticnaijača welcomed with open arms the idea.
How will the exact number of 3142 frames to stand within a certain number on the back of the shirt, each figure carries a potential value of 75,000 euros.
Fantastic idea to combine beautiful and useful and innovative ways of fans izmuze a littlemoney.
Primer will soon go Seville Granada and Wales Rugby team, but given the potential of this idea,soon to expect a mountain of new stakeholders.

source: sportske.net