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Feast on the streets of Naples and welcome players and fans who were at “El Madrigal”. Napoliis the final round of the night in which Vesuvius and trembling. Here, it seemed …


Insults to Luis Enrique

Roma fans waited for players after the defeat in Florence.

The target was dissatisfied tifoza up Luis Enrique, who was stoned to insults.

In fact, dissatisfaction with the defeat in Tuscany, but in general this season and it exploded last night.

Under heavy police escort, the team somehow got hold of the bus and went to Trigoriju, your training center.

No players are not spared from insults, only the captain Francesco Totti earned applause.

“I will not stay if you do not want me, I’m not here for money,” said Luis Enrique, just hours afterkonstatova that the club has full confidence in him.

Roman media speculate that the talk today about the fate of the Spanish coach and that hecould be given another chance. The problem is that Roma will host next Monday decimatedleaders, team Juventus.


source: sportske.net